Monday, September 21, 2009

Agent Accountability

Agent Accountability and Structure

What is going to make a successful brokerage?  It is a strong broker who is willing to dedicate some of their time to the success of their agents.  Brokers need to provide their agents with a plan of success and then hold them accountable for the work that was done.  The brokers need to inspect what they expect and the agents need to plan their work and then work their plan.
To illustrate this, lets look at a study that was done some time ago that led to what is known as the Hawthorne Effect.  This is a study that was done on an assembly line to see what can be done to increase the production of workers.  The test began with researchers monitoring the workers behavior.   The researchers then increased the amount of light on the assembly line and then discovered that as they increased the light, the workers increased their production.  The researchers then increased the workers break time.  As the break time increased, so did their production.  This was done in other areas of the job, and as they changed the environment for the better, production continued to increase.
The researchers then slowly took all the changes away and continued to monitor their production.  They noticed that after slowly taking away the break time, lowering the lights to previous levels, and taking away all the improvements to the work environment, production levels never went back down.  This puzzled the researchers until they realized the true reason for the increase in production.  It wasn’t the change in the work environment, but the fact that the workers were just being monitored. 

How does this break down to real estate.  If brokers made their agents accountable for the work that needs to be done, the agent’s chances of success go up.  If a broker spends time with their agents and reviewed their plans for the week, but does not inspect their work to see if it was done, the broker did not complete the job.  They need to actually see if the work was done.  If the agents know that their work is being monitored, aka the Hawthorne Effect, their production levels will go up. 
In order to provide agents with the structure they require, a broker needs to provide them with systems and tools they can use to build their business.  A Realty World franchise provides these types of systems and tools to give real estate agents the advantage they need.  If you are considering a franchise, please give me a call for more information.  You can reach me, Brad Cooper, at 800 685-4984.  I will be glad to spend some time with you to discuss the Realty World advantage.    

Monday, September 14, 2009

Building a Pipeline

During the housing boom, many real estate agents forgot about building a pipeline, and relied solely on their phone line.  When times were plentiful, and there were buyers and sellers on every corner, many agents did not see the need of building a pipeline with buyers, sellers and referral sources.  And why should they.  There were so many customers who required their services; all agents had to do to generate business was to take orders.  If they just concentrated on increasing the amount of listings they had, they could let other people do the work for them.  That’s what buyer agents were for. 
People were jumping into the real estate industry everyday.  It was a quick way to make a buck, and some agents were even doing it part time.  While every other traditional sales business was out there networking, building a pipeline, and creating business opportunities, many real estate agents became order takers and got away from the traditional sales process.  The ability to make a quick buck made many agents take the easier route to making money.
Well times are changing and the real estate industry is getting back on course.  No longer can an agent be an order taker to make a dollar.  They must work hard and truly understand the real estate business.  No more part timers and those that just want to earn a quick buck.  No longer can they rely on the phone line to replace the importance of building a pipeline.  It’s back to good old fashion elbow grease to make things happen.   The harder you work, the bigger your returns.  And as all good real estate agents know, your income has no boundaries. 
Agents need to get back to the basics of building a pipeline and increasing their book of business.  And I’m not talking about a list of names, phone numbers and emails, but a true book of business. People that know your name, and see you as the local real estate expert.  People that you constantly keep in contact with, and in turn, only deal with you when it comes to their real estate needs. 
The next question is how do we get there?  How do we get our agents to see the importance of building a pipeline?  If you are a broker/owner of a real estate office who is looking to grow your business, and your agent’s book of business with a proven set of systems and tools, please give Realty World a call.  Realty World is one of the pioneers in real estate franchising, and over the last four decades have developed a “World Class” set of systems and tools. You can reach me, Brad Cooper, Director of Franchise Development for Realty World, at (800) 685-4984.  I will be glad to share with you some of our systems for building a pipeline and get you on the path to success. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Franchise Fees

                                                           What are your franchise fees?  This is the first question on everybody’s mind when they inquire about a franchise.  And why is that?  It seems to me that the standard model most real estate franchises are using is broken.  They consist of high franchise fees and transaction fees, leaving the broker with very little left over for their bottom line.  This, accompanied with large requirements for office space and agents, make it very difficult for many brokers to make a living.  This is why franchise fees are front and center in the minds of many people. 

Realty World Inc. has always addressed the issue of high franchise fees.   It has been Realty World’s belief that the broker/owner needs to come out on top in order to have a healthy franchise.  Our program for sales agents consists of a low monthly franchise fee with no transaction fees.  This helps our offices attract better agents by allowing the broker and the agents to keep more of the commissions.  Low franchise fees, what a concept. 
I was always taught in sales to discuss features and benefits before discussing price.  This builds value for your product so that price is not the main option.  And Realty World has a lot of value to offer with their “World Class” systems and tools.  So when people call me to inquire about Realty World, their first question is usually, “What are your franchise fees?”  I have come to accept that this is a major concern with most people.  And once I tell them our franchise fees, they are so relieved that I can then continue to share with them all the benefits of Realty World. 
Since you are now asking yourself, what are Realty World’s franchise fees; I will end your suspense.   Realty World’s sales agent royalty fee is just $74.00 a month, and that is without a transaction fee.  That includes all of our systems and tools to help make your agents top producers.  For our broker/owners, Realty World has a program that offers up to 50% in annual rebates, which can help increase your bottom line.  So it turns out that our franchise fees are a major benefit to joining the Realty World family. For more information, please give me a call at (800) 684-4984 and ask me about all of our wonderful systems and tools, and of course, our franchise fees. 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Estate Franchise

As a top real estate professional, there comes a point in your career when you are ready to take the next step and open up a real estate franchise. Many of you have contemplated the benefits of opening up a business with the help of a real estate franchise. You may be wondering if it is worth the extra cost to franchise your business, or is this something you can do by yourself.

Buying a real estate franchise has many benefits. The first advantage a franchise gives you is instant name recognition. It can take an independent company years and years and lots and lots of money to develop a name that people know and trust. And that amount of time and money is not available to most people. But with a franchise, you can get that exposure quickly and with much less capital. A real estate franchise will allow you to get the ball rolling that much quicker.

Another benefit of a real estate franchise is that you don’t have to continually recreate the wheel. A franchise delivers you a business with a proven set of programs, tools, education and technology that can put you on the path to success. Everybody needs and likes to have structure in their business. But what do you need to do to be successful? What needs to be done by your employees, in order for them to be more productive? These are questions a real estate franchise can help you answer, and in turn, increase your chance of success.

A major benefit of a real estate franchise is your instant buying power. Since you are aligning yourself with a bigger company, you instantly get the advantage of the economies of scale. This allows you to save money on your day to day operations and gives you a leg up on the competition. In this day an age, you need to watch every penny to make sure your expenses are in order. You can’t control your sales, but you can control your expenses in your real estate franchise.

Realty World is one of the pioneers in the real estate franchise business, having been in business for over 35 years. When deciding on which real estate franchise is right for you, I recommend that you do your homework and look through our website to see what Realty World is all about. I also invite you to call or email me for more information. Let me share with you some of the many benefits of Realty World to help you make a right decision for your real estate franchise.

Relocation Service

A relocation service is one of the tools that a Realty World Broker or Agent has in their arsenal to better compete in the Real estate arena. Realty World’s affiliate, Move In and, is designed to help Realty World clients with all of their relocation needs. It is a complete relocation service from A to Z and it is one of the advantages for working with a Realty World office.

Before discussing our relocation service, I want to remind you of the importance of all of Realty World’s tools and services. It’s all about making our offices, brokers and agents different from every one else in the crowd. There is a lot of competition going after the same supply of buyers and sellers. Realty World has designed a set of “World Class” systems and tools to benefit our client and set Realty World offices apart from competing agents. When a Realty World agent meets with a client, we can present them with many unique services that no one else has to offer. By doing this, our chance of success goes up tremendously. This is where the relocation service, Move In and comes in to play.

Realty World’s Move In and is a virtual relocation service that offers our clients many benefits. People can go to the website and request free moving quotes and compare prices and service from local movers. This will benefit our clients by creating competition for their moving business and in return, save them money. But it doesn’t stop there. With the Move In and relocation service, you can also search for storage companies, lawyers. Doctor, CPA’s, or any other type of service you may need. The list is endless. When people are moving to a new area, they most likely will have to look for services they may need in a place where they don’t know anyone. And by going to Realty World’s relocation service,, they can literally find what they are looking for with a click of a mouse. becomes their new best friend when they move to that new house or new city.

For more Information on Realty World’s relocation service,, and all of our “World Class” marketing programs and services, please call me, Brad Cooper, at (800) 684-4984 for a presentation. Remember, “Our name opens the door, and our agents close the deal.” Move IN and Out is a relocation service that makes Realty World agents stand out among the crowd.

The Best Real Estate Franchise

The Best Real Estate Franchise

What is the best real estate franchise for you? Realty World has that question covered. Your number one goal as a broker/owner is to attract and retain productive real estate agents. To do that you need a powerful set of systems and tools that will empower the agents to go out and attract buyers and sellers. These tools will help the Realty World agents and brokers stand out above the crowd and build a pipeline that will be the basis for their business. At Realty World, we call this purple cow marketing and this is why we are the best real estate franchise for you.

What is purple cow marketing? The term comes from the idea that if you are driving past a pasture and all you see are brown, white and black cows, you will forget about them as soon as you pass them by. If you drive by that same pasture and see a purple cow in the field, that is one cow that you would not forget. To be the best real estate franchise, Realty World helps our brokers and agents be unique in their field.

Realty World offers some of the most unique “World Class” systems and tools on the market which helps our offices stand out as one of the best real estate franchises. Our purple cow marketing consists of a relocation program, a classified ad program, a job location program, a $15,000 sweepstakes, and even a rewards program. These types of programs plus many others make our offices, brokers and agents stand out like a purple cow. Our unique marketing systems are like no one else’s in the industry and makes Realty World the best real estate franchise for you

To get more information about Realty World, the best real estate franchise for you, call Brad Cooper, The Director of Franchise Development at 800 685-4984. I will be glad to share with you in detail our “World Class” marketing systems and tools so that you can see for yourself why Realty World is the best real estate franchise for you.

Real Estate Franchise

Real Estate Franchise

When deciding upon a real estate franchise, the systems and tools that they offer are going to be a major part in your decision process. Realty World Inc. offers a very unique and powerful set of systems and tools that will not only empower your agents to network and build up their pipeline. They will also empower the broker/owner to attract new sales agents. Recruiting is going to be your number one priority in your Realty World real estate franchise.

As a broker/owner of a real estate franchise such as Realty World, the systems and tools that you have to offer are a key factor in your recruiting practice. Most broker/owners that I speak with, who are interested in a real estate franchise, have problems attracting agents. Most broker/owners believe that they have much to offer their agents in the terms of their experience, but they need more then that to attract good sales agents. They need to offer a proven set of systems and tools that will give their agents the ability to build their pipeline and help them stand out among the competition. It is Realty World’s goal to empower our broker/owners and give them the confidence they need to attract and build a team of productive agents. This is what a real estate franchise should offer their franchisee.

The Realty World real estate franchise has many systems and tools in its arsenal. Their compensation programs consists of Life Time Income Version 1and 2, which is a great way for our offices to attract and retain top producing agents. With 6 streams of income and with up to 50% in residual income, Realty World offices have plenty to offer. Realty World’s new Main Street compensation program provides our broker/owners with a monthly stream of income while giving the top producing agents a true 100% program. The Realty World real estate franchise has “World Class” marketing systems and tools which consist of Ads and Deals, Move In and Out, JobYoYo, $15,000 Sweepstakes, and a Platinum Rewards points programs. They are all designed to give agents the edge they need to be a step above the rest, and build a pipeline with potential buyers, sellers and referrals. The reason why someone considers a real estate franchise, are the systems and tools that Realty World has to offer.

In my future blogs on the real estate franchise, I will be discussing some of Realty World’s systems and tools in more detail, to give you a better idea on how they work. The key is that the systems and tools work on two levels. They empower the broker/owner to attract new sales agents, and they empower the agents to attract buyers and seller. If you are considering a real estate franchise, please contact Brad Cooper, the Director of Franchise Development at Realty World, at (800) 684-4984. Realty World is the right choice for your real estate franchise. “Our name opens the door, our agents close the deal!”