Thursday, September 3, 2009

Relocation Service

A relocation service is one of the tools that a Realty World Broker or Agent has in their arsenal to better compete in the Real estate arena. Realty World’s affiliate, Move In and, is designed to help Realty World clients with all of their relocation needs. It is a complete relocation service from A to Z and it is one of the advantages for working with a Realty World office.

Before discussing our relocation service, I want to remind you of the importance of all of Realty World’s tools and services. It’s all about making our offices, brokers and agents different from every one else in the crowd. There is a lot of competition going after the same supply of buyers and sellers. Realty World has designed a set of “World Class” systems and tools to benefit our client and set Realty World offices apart from competing agents. When a Realty World agent meets with a client, we can present them with many unique services that no one else has to offer. By doing this, our chance of success goes up tremendously. This is where the relocation service, Move In and comes in to play.

Realty World’s Move In and is a virtual relocation service that offers our clients many benefits. People can go to the website and request free moving quotes and compare prices and service from local movers. This will benefit our clients by creating competition for their moving business and in return, save them money. But it doesn’t stop there. With the Move In and relocation service, you can also search for storage companies, lawyers. Doctor, CPA’s, or any other type of service you may need. The list is endless. When people are moving to a new area, they most likely will have to look for services they may need in a place where they don’t know anyone. And by going to Realty World’s relocation service,, they can literally find what they are looking for with a click of a mouse. becomes their new best friend when they move to that new house or new city.

For more Information on Realty World’s relocation service,, and all of our “World Class” marketing programs and services, please call me, Brad Cooper, at (800) 684-4984 for a presentation. Remember, “Our name opens the door, and our agents close the deal.” Move IN and Out is a relocation service that makes Realty World agents stand out among the crowd.

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