Monday, September 14, 2009

Building a Pipeline

During the housing boom, many real estate agents forgot about building a pipeline, and relied solely on their phone line.  When times were plentiful, and there were buyers and sellers on every corner, many agents did not see the need of building a pipeline with buyers, sellers and referral sources.  And why should they.  There were so many customers who required their services; all agents had to do to generate business was to take orders.  If they just concentrated on increasing the amount of listings they had, they could let other people do the work for them.  That’s what buyer agents were for. 
People were jumping into the real estate industry everyday.  It was a quick way to make a buck, and some agents were even doing it part time.  While every other traditional sales business was out there networking, building a pipeline, and creating business opportunities, many real estate agents became order takers and got away from the traditional sales process.  The ability to make a quick buck made many agents take the easier route to making money.
Well times are changing and the real estate industry is getting back on course.  No longer can an agent be an order taker to make a dollar.  They must work hard and truly understand the real estate business.  No more part timers and those that just want to earn a quick buck.  No longer can they rely on the phone line to replace the importance of building a pipeline.  It’s back to good old fashion elbow grease to make things happen.   The harder you work, the bigger your returns.  And as all good real estate agents know, your income has no boundaries. 
Agents need to get back to the basics of building a pipeline and increasing their book of business.  And I’m not talking about a list of names, phone numbers and emails, but a true book of business. People that know your name, and see you as the local real estate expert.  People that you constantly keep in contact with, and in turn, only deal with you when it comes to their real estate needs. 
The next question is how do we get there?  How do we get our agents to see the importance of building a pipeline?  If you are a broker/owner of a real estate office who is looking to grow your business, and your agent’s book of business with a proven set of systems and tools, please give Realty World a call.  Realty World is one of the pioneers in real estate franchising, and over the last four decades have developed a “World Class” set of systems and tools. You can reach me, Brad Cooper, Director of Franchise Development for Realty World, at (800) 685-4984.  I will be glad to share with you some of our systems for building a pipeline and get you on the path to success. 

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