Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Franchise Fees

                                                           What are your franchise fees?  This is the first question on everybody’s mind when they inquire about a franchise.  And why is that?  It seems to me that the standard model most real estate franchises are using is broken.  They consist of high franchise fees and transaction fees, leaving the broker with very little left over for their bottom line.  This, accompanied with large requirements for office space and agents, make it very difficult for many brokers to make a living.  This is why franchise fees are front and center in the minds of many people. 

Realty World Inc. has always addressed the issue of high franchise fees.   It has been Realty World’s belief that the broker/owner needs to come out on top in order to have a healthy franchise.  Our program for sales agents consists of a low monthly franchise fee with no transaction fees.  This helps our offices attract better agents by allowing the broker and the agents to keep more of the commissions.  Low franchise fees, what a concept. 
I was always taught in sales to discuss features and benefits before discussing price.  This builds value for your product so that price is not the main option.  And Realty World has a lot of value to offer with their “World Class” systems and tools.  So when people call me to inquire about Realty World, their first question is usually, “What are your franchise fees?”  I have come to accept that this is a major concern with most people.  And once I tell them our franchise fees, they are so relieved that I can then continue to share with them all the benefits of Realty World. 
Since you are now asking yourself, what are Realty World’s franchise fees; I will end your suspense.   Realty World’s sales agent royalty fee is just $74.00 a month, and that is without a transaction fee.  That includes all of our systems and tools to help make your agents top producers.  For our broker/owners, Realty World has a program that offers up to 50% in annual rebates, which can help increase your bottom line.  So it turns out that our franchise fees are a major benefit to joining the Realty World family. For more information, please give me a call at (800) 684-4984 and ask me about all of our wonderful systems and tools, and of course, our franchise fees. 

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